Friday, September 15, 2006

The Dangers of Teaching, Part 4

While I did manage to keep my pants zipped up yesterday evening, I had some issues with an eraser.

First off, this classroom has some serious chalk issues and I was forced to use purple chalk, thus of course imperiling my manhood. I made a joke about the purple chalk and my manhood to the class but no one got it. Surprisingly 18 year olds have a limited ability to get my masculinity and whiteness jokes. Wonder why.

Anyway, after class I am erasing the board and my eraser hits the border between the two halves the board and hits me in the chest, leaving a large purple mark on my shirt. Then I pick it up and go back to erasing the same spot. Within 1 second the same thing happens, except it hits me in the glasses.

So basically I was beaten up by an eraser.