Sunday, September 24, 2006

NCAA Top 25, Week 5

What a profoundly lame week of college football. I thought the week would be salvaged by Michigan St. beating Notre Dame but the Spartans decided to have their yearly collapse begin in the 4th quarter of this game rather than week 6 or 7. Colorado blows it against Georgia, no good upsets. Yawn.

1. Ohio St.

2. West Virginia

3. Florida

4. Auburn

5. USC--They had one of those days that will cost them if they are playing a good team. Luckily for them, they played Arizona.

6. Michigan

7. Oregon

8. Louisville

9. Texas

10. LSU

11. Virginia Tech

12. TCU

13. Oklahoma

14. California--The Cal-Tennessee game seems to have been an anomaly for both the Bears and Vols. Cal seems good again and UT seems kind of crappy.

15. Georgia--I had to drop them one spot after almost blowing it against Colorado

16. Notre Dame--lucky, lucky, lucky

17. Tennessee

18. Iowa

19. Boise St.

20.Florida St.

21. Clemson

22. Missouri

23. Nebraska

24. Texas Tech

25. Arizona St.--They did not look good against Cal at all. Again, no defense. What is the deal with their lack of defense every single year? Koetter is an excellent offensive coach but I think he shouldn't be more than a coordinator at a major school. But there aren't really any better choices in this spot so they'll hold on for one more week.

Close: Rutgers (they keep on winning, though against pretty inferior opponents), Arkansas (they've looked pretty good since their opening loss to USC), Purdue (I don't anything about them but they are undefeated. We'll see what happens against Notre Dame), Wisconsin (they did play Michigan fairly tough), UCLA (they lost to Washington but Willingham may actually be turning the Huskies around so I won't drop them too far).