Sunday, September 17, 2006

NCAA Top 25, Week 4

1. Ohio St. Good job beating Cincinnati in the Cornhole Bowl.

2. West Virginia

3. Florida

4. Auburn--Another exciting SEC game. Auburn 7, LSU 3. Why even have an offense?

5. USC

6. Michigan. Crushed Notre Dame. Couldn't be happier

7. Oregon. My Ducks had the luckiest win ever. Thanks Refs!

8. Louisville. Destroyed Miami. Don't know how they keep winning with all of these injuries. But for now, go Cardinals.

9. Texas

10. LSU. It's called an offense. Try it.

11. Virginia Tech

12. TCU--Held Texas Tech to 3 points. Very good team.

13. Oklahoma. Can't drop them too far for a game that the refs helped lose for them.

14. Georgia

15. California

16. Notre Dame. So sad.

17. Tennessee

18. Iowa. Whatever.

19. Arizona St.

20. Florida St. They should probably be lower.

21. Clemson

22. UCLA

23. Missouri

24. Boston College. If you think Oregon is the luckiest team in the nation, think again.

25. Wisconsin

Close: Penn St. (out of a lack of good options more than anything.), Alabama (still on the cusp), Nebraska (probably shouldn't drop them too far for losing to USC but I just don't think they're that good), Rutgers (still hanging on), Texas Tech (their loss was more a reflection of TCU's quality than there probable rightful spot as a borderline top 25 team).

UPDATE (9/18)--I just realized I forgot about Boise St. Put Boise St. at #20 and drop the rest down one spot. In any case, Wisconsin is barely deserving, having put up a whopping 14 points on the mighty San Diego St. Aztecs.