Saturday, September 02, 2006

How Desperate is Hutchinson, Kansas for Good Bars? Answer: Very Desperate

I was amused by this story about a guy who left a $10,000 tip at the bar in an Applebee's in Kansas.

My question was not why the guy did it--obviously he's just a generous guy or maybe he really wants to sleep with the woman and this was his way of showing it but whatever. The question is, why in the hell would be a regular customer at the bar in an Applebee's? I know we're talking about a small city in Kansas and no doubt it hardly has the bar scene of Austin or Seattle but Jesus. Applebee's?

Disclaimer: I have a long running animus toward Applebee's. Back in 2000 I was eating at an Applebee's in Hendersonville, Tennessee. I ordered a garden burger. The waitress didn't write it down. I knew this would end bad. She brings me a turkey burger. I'm like, whatever, just give me a garden burger. But no, the waitress insists that I ordered the turkey burger. Um, no, I'm a fucking vegetarian, I didn't order the turkey burger. She looks at me like I'm a liar and takes it back. I've never forgiven the entire chain for that incident. I guess I'm not a good Christian, being unable to forgive and all.