Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Saxby Chambliss, Traitor

Yglesias links to this report on how Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss argued in a closed door session of the Senate Armed Services Committee that if General J.E.B. Stuart had better intelligence, he would be serving in a Confederate Senate today.

Yglesias talks about this as a weird piece of Confederate nostalgia, which it certainly is. And it is historically absurd. The Confederacy could have won the Civil War but it would have taken a lot more than better intelligence getting to Stuart.

What I find offensive is that Chambliss clearly wishes this was the case. He wants to serve in a Confederate Senate. Basically, Saxby Chambliss is a traitor to the United States.

George W. Bush and friends define a traitor to the United States as someone who disagrees with their policies. I only agree with Bush so far as we do have traitors in this country. But those traitors are not the people who disagree with the president. Rather, most of the traitors are those who wholeheartedly agree with whatever Bush says. The traitors are people who wish the South won the Civil War. These are people who do not support to core American values of democracy, freedom, liberty, and equality.

Sadly, these anti-American blowhards are still on the floor of the United States Senate. Trent Lott, George Allen, and Saxby Chambliss are but a few.