Tuesday, September 12, 2006

NCAA Top 25, Week 3

1. Ohio St.-- As if there was any question

2. West Virginia

3. Florida

4. Auburn

5. LSU--Probably should be ranked higher given how they crushed Arizona

6. USC

7. Notre Dame--I still don't think they're really that good. But they did destroy Penn St. I really think that's more a factor of Penn St. being vastly overrated but I guess I have to wait for Michigan to beat Notre Dame to reflect that in my rankings.

8. Michigan

9. Oregon. My Ducks survived the snake pit that is Fresno St in Fresno. Now they have Oklahoma at home. I can't wait.

10. Tennessee. Looked terrible against Air Force but they won so I guess that's what matters.

11. Oklahoma. See the description for Tennessee.

12. Louisville

13. Texas. Probably too far of a drop but with a freshman QB, I really see them losing additional games.

14. Virginia Tech

15. TCU

16. Georgia

17. Florida St.--This is a bad team that happens to be 2-0

18. Cal--Nice win over Minnesota after the Tennessee disaster

19. Iowa--Beat Syracuse in 2OT. Great.

20. Miami

21. Arizona St.

22. Boise St.--totally dominated Oregon St.

23. Nebraska

24. Texas Tech

25. UCLA

Close--Clemson (tough loss to BC but they should be OK), Missouri (2-0 and dominated Mississippi), Alabama (2-0 but unimpressive), Boston College (not really convinced yet but it was a nice win over Clemson), Rutgers (in a weak conference this team could actually compete. Though I can't believe I'm saying this).