Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Is Confederate Yankee The Stupidest Blogger in America?

I know there's a lot of competition for the title of stupidest blogger, but in the comments to this post, you can see that Confederate Yankee has a hell of a case.

The post itself is stupid enough--he says Yglesias hates America, blah blah blah.

But it is in the comments that his true idiocy comes out. He bans Tom Hilton for a somewhat tongue in cheek mark wishing that William Tecumseh Sherman would have had nuclear weapons for his march through Georgia. Yet at the same time he argues that slaves supported the Confederacy. He says the banning is for supporting genocide with no apparent irony of his support of slavery. He calls Yglesias a terrorist despite his own blog name being that of a terrorist movement against black people

As D puts it, "Not to pluck a well-worn harp here, but anyone with a blog entitled "Confederate Yankee" is utterly disqualified from making judgments about the "abject ignorance of history."