Friday, September 15, 2006

You Mean That Illegal Immigrants Are Keeping Small Towns Alive? Who Knew!

From the home of the vomit-inducing Lou Dobbs comes this excellent story about how the deportation of illegal immigrants from Stillmore, Georgia has eviscerated the town. Without the immigrants, there is nothing happening there at all. Businesses are closing.

We shouldn't glean too much from this but I did find this quote interesting: "These people come over here to make a better way of life, not to blow us up," complained Keith Slater, who keeps a portrait of Ronald Reagan on the wall. "I'm a die-hard Republican, but I think we missed the boat with this one."

I doubt that rural Americans are going to come out en masse for immigrant rights but let's face it, when your town dies overnight because good, hard-working people are rounded up like they were terrorists, that might just change your mind about immigration.

No doubt Lou Dobbs will reply by talking about how these Mexican terrorists were planning undermine rural Georgian culture with their Catholicism and work and brown skin and such.