Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden? Meh.

So I know everyone stayed up all night waiting by their phones for their Obama text message about which old white guy experienced, vetted foreign policy expert he was going to choose for his VP.


Joe Biden.

I was dancing to New Order, Bel Biv Devoe, MIA and Madonna (yes, all by the same DJ) so I missed my text. Well, more accurately, I fell right asleep after dancing for a couple of hours, so I missed my text. But of course my phone had blown up with texts and emails by the time I woke up this morning, so here we go.

Joe Biden. Reasons I think this is a bad idea are legion: he voted for the partial-birth abortion ban and abstinence education, and to loosen restrictions on cell phone wiretapping. He has a tendency to say stupid things. He's from DELAWARE. He's yet another old white guy who's been in the Senate forever, and his campaign was DOA after Iowa. And his whole partitioning-Iraq plan just sounds like colonialism to me--if the Iraqis decide they want to split their country up, great, but the U.S. taking the lead to separate the country into ethnic regions? Um, yeah, fail. Kind of makes me doubt his supposed mountain of foreign policy expertise.

Why it's a good thing? Well, he was really funny on the campaign trail, and he will call John McCain out on his shit. He is in fact an old white guy, which I guess is what they really need in terms of balancing this ticket. He does have foreign policy 'experience' in spades. And maybe this means that Obama's saving Richardson, Sebelius, Napolitano, etc. for positions in his administration where they'd actually get to do something?

I have no answers this morning, only snark. I think Biden does little for the "change" message, but I think we're beyond that stage now anyway--especially since Obama's recent bobbing and weaving has taken him to the center.

I studied boxing (and muay Thai) for a bit, so I know about ducking and slipping punches, and you have to move away from your opponent's strong side and yet keep 'em guessing. I don't know what Biden does to counteract McCain's supposed strengths, and I wonder when we'll hear McCain's own announcement.

I know Karthika is happy about this, so I'll leave it to her to make a case for Biden. Convince me, lady!

(ok, and what is the deal with the tag "Biden and the one-eyed trouser snake"? Erik?)