Sunday, August 24, 2008

CNN - Most Self-Congratulatory Name in News?

I'm not the resident media-theory person, so apologies up front to Sarah and Karthika. That said, this has to be some of the most disgusting, vulgar self-promotion I've ever seen in the media:

"CNN forces Obama to release VP pick early"

This headline was (of course) on the front page of and on its "Political Ticker." I understand that all media outlets to one degree or another have to try to get the proverbial "scoop" ahead of everybody else. Still, this is some of the most self-congratulatory crap I've ever seen, and it's clear that CNN really doesn't care so much about politics as it does about selling its image as the "most trusted name in news," and all the profits that come with viewership. Jon Stewart nailed it on the head.