Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin?

What a laughable VP selection for John McCain. If Biden was everything Obama needed, Palin gives McCain nothing. She has almost no experience, having won the governor's position in 2006. This completely undermines McCain's harping on Obama's lack of experience. She is totally unknown to anyone outside of Alaska. She is a former beauty pageant queen, so I guess that means McCain is running with a younger attractive woman. Should make him happy.

And although she ran for governor of Alaska on an anti-corruption campaign, she is now being investigated by the Alaska legislature for abusing her power in a case where she dismissed the state's chief of public safety after he refused to fire a police officer who happened to be getting a divorce from Palin's sister. Nice.

So I guess the Republicans are just running openly on a bad governance platform this year. Alright then.

This is just such an amazingly stupid pick for McCain. If he's trying to attract Hillary supporters by choosing a woman, he picked the wrong woman. Selected Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson would have made a lot more sense. Impeccable conservative credentials, popular senator, well-known name, and the seat would remain in Republican hands if they won. But evidently, Hutchinson never received serious consideration.

I also wonder if we will ever see a ticket with two white men again? Or if we do, it will be considered a bad political move. I'm fine with that, but just curious to see what happens in 2012.