Monday, August 18, 2008


I mostly agree with M.J. Rosenberg and Ezra Klein about Joe Biden potentially becoming Obama's VP selection. I'm not thrilled about it exactly, but I would rather see Biden than any of the other centrist white guys with supposed foreign policy cred that are being touted. He's far more palatable than Evan Bayh or Sam Nunn. I've never gotten the whole Jim Webb thing and the more I hear about Tim Kaine, the less appealing he seems.

Biden definitely has his downside, but he will also punch a Republican in the face and that's going to be a valuable commodity this election. If he can learn when to shut up, he'd be an OK choice. Were he to become president I'd be more cautious, particularly on business issues since he is basically owned by MBNA. But again, Evan Bayh? Sam Freaking Nunn? Biden is a far superior choice.