Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dear John McCain...

You ain't president yet. And after seeing your incredibly shortsighted response to the crisis in Georgia, I hope more than ever that you never will be.

Read This. (h/t LGM)

I must confess that McCain has crept into an elite group of assholes who cause me to turn the radio volume down when they are on NPR. Most of this campaign season, I've had no problem with listening, but after the third replay of his asinine declaration that "I know I speak for all Americans, when I say we are all Georgians now" or something of that ilk (I know both clauses there came out of his mouth, but I'm not sure which order, so don't kill me), I can't take it anymore.

Anyone who supported or supports now the Iraq war has precisely zero moral high ground to discuss the territorial integrity of sovereign nations. Absolutely none. And the fact that McCain's attempt to look tough (and against Russia, too, to add to his salivating dream of becoming the Second Coming of Reagan) appears, as noted in the linked post, to actually be affecting Bush's policy...well, let's hope that Condi has more sense than her bosses, shall we?

Because I mean really, if we're bound and determined that the "international community" should be doing something to "punish" Russia, well, what should the international community do to us?

And I think I'd rather, if I'm going to be unilaterally assumed by a presidential candidate to be in solidarity with another nation I've never been to and that most people couldn't find on a map, that it be Afghanistan. Or Iraq. Or Sudan. Y'know, places we might actually be able to help.

But, well, they're WHITE people in Georgia, right? And not Muslims? (Please excuse my sarcasm. It's early and I have a vicious head cold.)

But can you imagine how McCain would react if Obama perhaps declared his solidarity with Iraqis, or Sudanese?

Natalia has more.

And hilzoy has video.

(cross-posted. and I'm going to try to be more on top of politics, I promise.)