Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Dangerous University Courses"/Insane and Flat-Out WRONG Rhetoric on Immigration

In light of the recent discussions here on the role of academics and universities, let me remind everyone that while Klein may be wrong, some people are just insane. Yes, Family Security Matters has released its list of "America's most dangerous college courses." (h/t Michael Berube). It is generally laughable, as is Rantz's, commentary, though there is one portion of his post that I take rather personally. In adding , Rants writes:

All you need to learn about immigration law I can teach you in this one sentence: it is illegal to enter our country without permission, bypassing our laws. Get in line, and we’ll welcome you – so long as you do not have nefarious purposes, of course.
Well, Mr. Rantz, all I can say is:

You. Clearly. Know. NOTHING. About. Immigration. Law.

Without getting too personal, I've been on the front lines of the immigration issue now for almost two years, trying to help somebody get into the country 100% legally. This individual has followed every step exactly as advised, hired a lawyer to help with the process, remained on top of the paperwork, in short did everything absolutely as the U.S. government demanded (including no fewer than 3 changes in policy over 3 months at the beginning of 2007). Yet the government has used ineptitude, incompetency, shifting policy, and labyrinthine bureaucracy to suggest to the individual in question that his/her presence in the U.S. will be granted if he/she follows all of the paperwork, details, examinations, and inquiries (many of which would make Americans blush and proclaim they have a right to privacy), then the U.S. might begrudgingly accept the individual as a U.S. resident. If there is one thing that infuriates me more than anything else from the right (and left, too), it's this insane notion that the United States is ready and willing to accept immigrants if they do things legally. If any of these idiots actually had to wade into the immigration process for even 2 months, even they would have a hard time denying that, at best, the U.S. will tolerate legal immigrants, but only after they have faced more bureaucratic pressure, more invasive questions and exams, and more concentrated efforts to simply pressure them into giving up, than any normal person could reasonably be expected to handle.