Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Monks

The Monks, a briefly together mid 60s band, certainly seem interesting:

The Monks were a band of American soldiers stationed in Germany in the 1960s who decided to stick around Germany and keep playing music after their tours of duty ended. For some reason, they all shaved monks' tonsures into their heads and wore cassocks and nooses onstage. They also recorded just enough deliriously raw garage rock jams to secure their place in history, taking freaked-out punk rock anxiety to new heights before the Stooges pushed it even further. They reunited for a tour in 1999, playing sporadically until Dave "Day" Havlicek, their electric banjo player, died last year.

Huh. Maybe Yann has heard of these guys?

Also, maybe I should shave a tonsure into my head. Though going bald makes that kind of pointless.