Friday, January 30, 2009

Post-Partisan Strategy: Doing it Right

I was just sitting downstairs in my campus building idly watching CNN while gulping down lunch, and this bit of news floated across the ticker:

"[Judd] Gregg considered for Commerce secretary"

I nearly choked. Because it's BRILLIANT.

It shows Obama once again willing to be nonpartisan and appoint Republicans to his cabinet, giving him the moral high ground against obstructionists.

It takes another Republican out of the Senate, and though he's one who could probably be pulled into a Democratic majority on some bills, having a Democrat appointed by New Hampshire's Democratic governor would be the magic 60--if they ever get around to seating Al Franken.

And Gregg should jump at it, since New Hampshire's trending Democratic and he's unlikely to be reelected. Plus, he's actually, y'know, qualified for the job.

My only question is: How quickly can we make this happen?

Gregg has confirmed, as well, that he is under consideration.

Once again: