Sunday, April 30, 2006

Christians Are Weird

So I'm looking at where my blog rests in the TTLB ecosystem (I assure you that it is ranked very low) and I decided to look at the blog directly in front of me. This turned out to be some weird Christian blog. I was deeply amused by this 1923 sermon from the always bizarre neo-Calvinist J. Gresham Machen:

"Upon the Christian doctrine of the Cross, modern liberals are never weary of pouring out the vials of their hatred and their scorn. Even at this point, it is true, the hope of avoiding offense is not always abandoned; the words "vicarious atonement" and the like--of course in a sense totally at variance from their Christian meaning--are still sometimes used. But despite such occasional employment of traditional language the liberal preachers reveal only too clearly what is in their minds. They speak with disgust of those who believe "that the blood of our Lord, shed in a substitutionary death, placates an alienated Deity and makes possible welcome for the returning sinner." Against the doctrine of the Cross they use every weapon of caricature and vilification. Thus they pour out their scorn upon a thing so holy and so precious that in the presence of it the Christian heart melts in gratitude too deep for words. It never seems to occur to modern liberals that in deriding the Christian doctrine of the Cross, they are trampling upon human hearts"

I am amused by a couple of things about this. First, what the hell is Machen talking about? Nothing screams "trampling on human hearts" like, say, Unitarians. What's even better is trying to figure out the motivation of the guy who has this blog. I wonder if he has any actual evidence that liberals "use every weapon of caricature and vilification" aganst Christianity? Of course I speak with scorn to modern Christianity, but then again, I'm hardly the preacher that Machen and presumably this guy is talking about. Actually, no, I don't speak with scorn toward Christianity so much as I speak with scorn toward the right-wing idiots who harness a version of fundamentalist Christianity to their own political agenda. Like this guy for instance.

In any case, Christians are really really weird.