Friday, April 14, 2006

The Single Most Insensitive, Self-Centered Thing I've Ever Heard

The other day I'm in a conversation about 9/11. We start talking about what we were doing that day. I said that I was supposed to teach a discussion section that day and that it really sucked (I was supposed to teach the history of imperialism to make it even more interesting). One woman I was talking to said that she was in class that day and that it was awful. Then this other woman, who I wish I didn't know but unfortunately have to share my office space with said something like this:

"It was rush at my school and all these people who were in the sororities were from New York and they went back home and it really messed up rush. These things are really hard to schedule and you just don't do that."

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the true tragedy of 9/11 has been revealed. Rush, at the University of Wisconsin, was all screwed up.

I got up and left the office.