Thursday, April 13, 2006

Erik Has Trouble Dealing With the World (III)--Mathemetician Edition

I hate math.

This is no uncommon knowledge to anyone who knows me. When I see an equation, I consider it a hostile act against me. Words such as "cosine" and "hypotenuse" translate into Erikese as "Osama" and "Zarqawi."

Why mention this now? Because there is something really getting at me.

Why the fuck can't mathematicians erase a goddamn chalkboard? I teach 2 classes. In both classrooms, the class before is a math class. And neither teacher ever erases the fucking board. I have never had this problem before. Most people are happy to erase the board when they are done. Why? Because they are not rude assholes. On the other hand, we have mathemeticians. I think it's personal too. Someone told them that I am teaching after them and they laugh thinking about how angry I get not just for erasing someone's else's board, but because I am erasing equations, triangles, and other instruments of torture off their board.

I fucking hate math.