Friday, April 14, 2006

Grizzly Man (Those Poor Dead White People)

My Grizzly Man post of a few days ago is probably the first thing that I've written that has ever inspired anyone else to write something. My friend Gene Grant, columnist for the Albuquerque Tribune, just wrote his latest column about Grizzly Man as well. He had some really good points. Namely, what the fuck is it with white people getting eaten by exotic animals? Which is a really good question. I suspect it's pretty class-related, as is much of the environmental movement. Since many white people don't have to worry about making a living off the land and have a lot of leisure time, they want to spend it in nature, as they define it. Sometimes that's going off and living with grizzly bears. And sometimes that's having tigers as pets. In any case, it's really disturbing.

Laughably, the Tribune has now received e-mails and phone calls talking about this racist column and the stereotypes it makes against white people.

And you know, they're right. It's really hard being a white in this country today. No power, no money, and now non-whites attacking us for our predilections for shacking up with crocodiles. If only we whites could control the world like people of color can.


And of course what's really amusing (at least to me) is that he was at least partially inspired to write that by me, the whitest person on the face of the earth. But then again, I am a race traitor.