Sunday, April 23, 2006

Movie Review--The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

1. No matter how many times I see this movie, I continue to be amazed that it got made in 1951.

2. Were the McCarthyites and fear-struck Hollywood leaders so stupid as to not see this movie as a direct attack upon the post-war world, particularly the United States? The answer must be yes.

3. I would have liked to see the movie end with Gort destroying the world.

4. The guy playing Gort definitely deserves the Pagoda Award, named after the character from The Royal Tenebaums. When I saw that movie, someone who was watching with me declared that the guy playing Pagoda definitely deserved an Academy Award for creating such a multifaceted character. I thought this was an excellent idea. So here's to the guy who played Gort, who gets the first Pagoda Retrospective Award, for those underappreciated characters from the past.