Friday, April 21, 2006

Idiotic Gas-Related Comment of the Day

Now I promise you, this isn't as crazy as the last e-mail to CNN on gasoline prices I posted. But this is still pretty dumb:

"The United States has to decentralize business districts so people are not all rushing in the same direction each day. When DOD decided to move many offices out of Crystal City (near Pentagon) that was a good start. Now we, as a country, need to reduce the transaction costs of buying and selling a home, so that people can afford to move closer to their work easily. It is plain idiotic that real estate agents are making 6 percent commissions on homes that sell in days."

Jen Keller, Silver Springs, Maryland

What a great idea! The best way to deal with high gas prices is to promote more sprawl and suburbanization. People so clearly want to live near where they work (such as the people who every day commute the 100+ miles from South Carolina to Atlanta) that this is bound to solve all our problems!

I wonder if this person has thought about selling that suburban monstrosity and moving back into Washington or wherever her work currently is located. Probably not. Might be black people around.