Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This Might Be The Most Offensive Quote In History

As part of my research, I have been reading some strange documents where people are trying to teach women how to be good mothers. It would take too long to explain just what the hell they were trying to do, but I'll say it was another classic American Quixotian attempt to shape people who you don't think are as good as you. Anyway, one 1912 article argued that women needed to love their children more. The author looked at Native Americans as an example we could learn from. That leads us to this:

"I heard a man who had been an agent on an Indian reservation say that the squaws would ask permission to come into his cabin to gaze on the pictures of the beautiful women that hung on its walls. They sat on the floor and beckoned from the pictures to themselves hoping that the beauty from those faces might in some way lend itself to their unborn children. Poor, untutored savages, we call them, but they understand and appreciate some of the most important secrets of life."