Monday, December 31, 2007

The Capitol Steps

Is there a more annoying institution in American political life than The Capitol Steps? You know, the musical group in Washington that makes little songs about American political life? Really, who listens to this? I forced myself to on the way home from the store a bit ago. Oh it was great. There was a song about Larry Craig to a calypso beat. And a song about Mike Huckabee to the tune of "Help Me Make It Through The Night." And then a song about McCain that was a riff on the scene in My Fair Lady when Eliza Doolittle starts speaking proper English. And then I mercifully got home and turned off that crap.

Again, who in the world listens to this? Who actually finds this entertaining? I keep thinking of aging NPR listeners who decry partisanship and finds things "clever" and "amusing."

There really are two possibilities for worst band in America. And they both come around the holidays. The first is Trans Siberian Orchestra. And the second is The Capitol Steps.