Friday, December 21, 2007

Charles Krauthammer: Crack Smoker of the Day

Why? Well, he must be on some kind of first-rate drug. In his analysis of Bush's "Axis of Evil" six years after its announcement, he declares Bush 1 for 3--having succeeded in Iraq!!!!!!!!

Well, I'd hate to see the failures.

Krauthammer is still seething about our inability to invade Iran, claiming "the intelligence bureaucracy, in a spectacularly successful coup, seized control of the policy with a National Intelligence Estimate that very misleadingly trumpeted the claim that Iran had halted its nuclear program."

He also compares George W. Bush to Abraham Lincoln and David Petraeus to Ulysses S. Grant. And he's serious!

The real question here is what do I gain from reading Charles Krauthammer? Nothing of value, for certain. It's a window into the crazy mind of the neoconservative though. And crazy indeed it is.