Monday, October 20, 2008

Journey to Portugal

I'm finally back from Portugal.

Go jet lag!

I am really glad that I traveled fairly extensively in Asia and Latin America before going to Europe for the first time. I certainly wish I had been in Europe before I was 34 years old. But I think if I had gone to Europe in college I would have become a Euro-phile. Because Portugal was awesome in so many ways. The castles and palaces, great public transportation, awesome food, good music, etc., etc. It was an awesome place. I think traveling to those other places though put Europe in greater perspective, where I could appreciate Europe as well as the developing world for what they are, rather than constantly comparing those places to Europe, which is obviously unfair.

Also, I should move to Europe for my health. I lost 3-4 lbs in 10 days from all the walking. Walking=healthy lifestyle. Americans just don't understand this. I walk a good bit, but nothing like I did in Portugal. In related news, I have little doubt that in walking to the college today, someone will stop and offer me a ride, unable to comprehend why someone would walk when they could drive.