Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More political snark (geeky wordplay style!)

I thought I would get in on Trend's trend of snark.

First, we have the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. Her kids' names are Track, Trig, Bristol, Willow, and Piper (I really feel bad for Trig; how can you grow up and not be a total douchebag with a name like that?). With the above tool, you can enter your name and find out what your name would be had you been born to Governor Palin.

Apparently, I would have been Revolver Trooper Palin. Ironic, no? Take that, Crop Schooner Palin!

And then there are the anagrams.

"Sarah Louise Palin: Hail, Pious Arsenal!"

Or my favorite, "Vote McCain - Palin: Manic. Vocal. Inept."