Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quick Portugal Notes

Just a few quick random notes from Portugal

1. I have never experienced such open offers of drugs as I have here. This place makes Eugene feel like, well, someplace where there are no drugs. It's really quite shocking. People just come up to you in the streets or when you are eating dinner and don't just ask you, they show it to you. Pot, hash, even cocaine. Weird.

2. I saw a woman who was really impressed by a guy riding a Segway. He was telling her all about it. Clearly Gob needed to move to Europe. Segways are big in Portugal.

3. Smartcars are everywhere. How do you know when you are not in the United States? When you see Smartcars.

4. People are definitely asking me about the election as soon as they find out I am an American.

5. I was lucky enough to take a great picture of rainbow over an 11th century Moorish castle. Although I probably screwed it up somehow.

6. Eating and drinking outside is a good thing.

7. As are cups of sangria for a Euro.

8. European breakfasts are so far superior to American breakfasts. It is not even close. I would way rather have some good bread with cheese or jam than eggs and other heavy foods. Not to mention bacon.

9. They like really steep steps here. My knee hurts.

That is all with the banal observations.