Saturday, October 18, 2008

Random Anecdotes from Mindless Surfing While at Work

So, I was surfing the tubes today, and typed in the address to visit our good friends over at Lawyers, Guns & Money. However, my fingers, in their flurry of typing, got their timing off, and instead of typing "," I ended up typing "" (getting my "p" and "s" in the "blogspot" reversed). Having mis-typed, it didn't just re-direct me to a "page not found" site. Instead, I got this.

So my question to our good friends at LG&M and throughout the internet is, are they aware of this crass exploitation of their site name among those who can't spell? And if so, which of them has a degree from said site?

....UPDATE: Acting on what Venha Futuro said in the comments, I did a little more (3-second) investigating, and apparently, it's not just LG&M that has this problem (note the address on the new link). So, pursuing another backup degree, just in case crazy evangelicals end up outnumbering college students? I'm sure "I Need Jesus," "7 Seals, Trumpets, Vials," "Revival - Is It Coming?," "Abortion," and "Antichrist" Parts 1 AND 2 would all be valuable for the future.