Thursday, October 30, 2008

NFL @ Week 8--NFC (Anti-Cowboy Edition)

Since the Broncos had their bye week, I was able to have a stress-free day of football. That will end this week as they go up against Miami and their wildcat business. It could easily smash up Denver's "defense" so, if you play fantasy football and have Ronnie Brown on your team, I'd say this would be the time to play him. Enough about the Broncos, it's NFC time.

Though the Giants won their ugly, ugly game against the Steelers, Eli is looking like the Eli I remember from last year. He looks lost once again, like he just left the outhouse at night but dropped his flashlight down the hole. It makes me happy; the only good Manning is a bewildered Manning which, luckily we're getting from both conferences. Dallas may have won, but they look delightfully crappy in their game. Could I outperform Brad Johnson? I know I could outrun him, and that makes me like Tony Romo or, as they call him these days, Li'l Tony Pinkie.

With Chicago and Green Bay tied up, this looks like a fun division going into the back half of the season. It's hard to believe that Kyle Orton is playing decent football, but there you have it. Since Aaron Rogers has been playing as well as he has (while hurt), I don't hear a lot of people discussing Old Man Brett. It's too bad, too, I'm missing hourly reports on what he ate for dinner last night. I hope it was meatloaf. Speaking of meatloaf, do you think that a really nicely done meatloaf could beat the Lions. Hell, even the Cowboys could probably beat the Lions if they tried and they aren't nearly as good as meatloaf.

Tampa should be stricken from the league for losing to the Cowboys in one of the worst games one could ever see. Jeff Garcia played fairly well, put just couldn't put away that crazy Dallas secondary. Maybe Gruden should consider signing receivers that are younger that fifty. I'm very happy that Carolina is doing well. I have no love for Jake Delhomme or Steve Smith or anyone else on that team besides Jonathan Stewart. I say that, if the Panthers win a playoff game, Stewart is way better than Marion Barber. GO DUCKS!!

How much worse can this division get? The bottom three teams in this division together could merely tie the top two in the East and that division features the Cowboys. I know...that level of bad makes me shutter, too. On a better note, I like seeing Mike Singletary freaking out. If there's a man who looks crazy, it's Singletary. I hope he gets into a brawl with his players sometime during the remainder of the season; it'll give me a reason to watch anybody in the division. And, look, the Seahawks won a game. Good luck to Jim Mora, Jr. net year, this is a team headed in the direction of the Bengals. But, you know, when you hire Cowboy castoff running backs, it's what you get.

Two quick final notes: 1) Fuck the Cowboys and 2) GO BRONCOS!!