Monday, October 20, 2008

The Sporting Life

Go other 28 teams! The Red Sox lost, reminding America that there are 28 other teams that are worth rooting for. I was sure that Major League Baseball was somehow going to fix this so that Red Sox won and the World Series ratings were saved. But I guess this isn't the NBA, where this would actually happen.

Tampa-Philadelphia. That's a great World Series right there. I don't really care who wins, though it has been a long time for the Phillies and I am kind of rooting for them I think. Tampa is a great story but they have a few years to get back here. Either way though, no Yankees, no Red Sox. Great.

In other news, the Dallas Cowboys just lost to the St. Louis Rams! No, I'm sorry, they were blown out by the St. Louis Rams. Even my Seattle Seahawks, who are terrible, beat the Rams. I'm real glad Dallas decided to trade their entire 2009 draft for Roy Williams, who paid them back with 0 catches.

Does Dallas win another playoff game in my lifetime? Here's hoping not.