Friday, October 24, 2008

These fresh, new bloggers are really green!

I’ve been in India this past week, and contrary to what most Indians do here, I’ve surrounded myself with intense green foliage and very little technology, but today I decided to combine the two - or rather a Japanese scientist decided to combine the two, and I decided to write about it.

What would a plant blog about if it could?

"Today was a sunny day and I was able to sunbathe a lot... I had quite a bit of fun today," chimed one member of the plant kingdom from a café near Tokyo.

The plant's leaves, which respond to light and human touch, are attached to a sensor that measures bio-electric signals. These are then translated into blog posts using a computer algorithm. The plant entertains visitors to the café by talking about its health and mood on any given day. This is part of an effort from scientists at Keio University, who are studying communication with plants.

The site is somewhat lost in translation, what with its sole member being a plant talking in Japanese and all, but you could check it out yourself.

Since everything’s supposedly going green these days, why leave out the blogosphere?