Sunday, May 13, 2007

Border Patrol Intimidation at Phronesisical

This is extremely disturbing.

In October 2005, Barba da Chiva at Phronesisaical wrote a post critical of the Border Patrol. Barba teaches in south Texas. Said post was just discovered by an anonymous Border Patrol agent, who threatens him in comments, which include:

"Myself, I have spoken to you on several occasions, as you drive North to Encinal. In the red VW; as a passenger in a silver VW; in a small black convertible; an old Ford; and, and older tan Chevy, as well. I have a fantastic memory and recall to boot..."

This is frightening and I think should be seen as intimidation. Frankly, this agent should be found out and fired.

Barba writes about his reactions to this here.