Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rot in Hell, Michael Vick

I am as much a dog-person as anybody can be. I absolutely love dogs - I have lived a full 4 months of my entire 27+ years of life without dogs.

And all these reports involving Michael Vick's ties to dogfighting leaves me worse than sick and more than furious. I've refrained thus far on this, simply because I figured maybe his cousin was running this under his nose and he really didn't know. But with people now saying he bets a LOT on dogfights, and the ties to his property and dogfighting, and the fact that some of these witnesses have brought down other dog-fighters, makes Vick too close to avoid condemnation. It doesn't even matter now if he's never personally gone to a fight, trained a dog to fight, whatever. It won't matter if they decide there isn't enough charges to bring against Vick himself, just his family members and friends. The fact that he is so closely tied to dogfighting in so many aspects should be more than enough to end his career forever. Those who abuse domestic animals for profits are some of the most vile pieces of shit on this planet. Michale Vick is apparently one of those pieces of absolute, worse-than-human, filth who will probably never see the type of pain he's inflicted on harmless animals, all for his own personal adrenaline rush. Burn in hell, Vick.