Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lyrad's Random 10

It's a day late, but so it goes when you don't come home until after you can't see a screen anymore.

Anyway, Roy Budd is a really interesting, if now a virtually unknown figure, in music. A true child prodigy, he made his public debut at age six on the piano at the London Coliseum and developed a vast ouvre in only a few years. He made regular appearances on television and the radio at twelve and left school at sixteen to start his first jazz band. After releasing a few albums, he got heavily involved in film composition, where he spent most of the rest of his days. These soundtracks were performed with small jazz bands instead of the standard orchestra, and he was innovative in using the film's sound effects in his music, which gave a lot of continuity with the films and a cinematic listening quality. The Intercine Project is a British thriller from 1974 starring James Coburn and directed by Ken Hughes. The theme song is a smooth but tense track for piano, guitar, bass and drums.

1. Roy Budd--The Intercine Project: Theme
2. Seks Bomba--Untitled
3. Ludwig van Beethoven--Variations (33) on a Waltz by Diabelli for Piano, Op.120; 22.Allegro molto (Arthur Schnabel, Piano)
4. The Melvins--At a Crawl
5. Ray Colcord--The Amityville Dollhouse (Soundtrack); More Dead Dad
6. Joel Perri--Quanne ta fatte mammeta
7. Tom Waits--Dog Door
8. Erich Kunz--I Dreamed Last Night
9. Muse--Supermassive Black Hole
10. Jesus Lizard--Horse Doctor Man