Friday, May 18, 2007

Why Not To Vote For Bill Richardson

I've been skeptical of the Richardson campaign from the beginning. I see him as a pandering Democrat who stands for little but himself. He has been quite pro-business since becoming governor while doing essentially nothing about poverty in the state. He takes the big, brave stands like wanting stricter supervision of sex offenders.

Kos provides a good summary of reasons not to vote for Richardson.

Not only does he remind us that Richardson said his ideal Supreme Court justice was Whizzer White, a man who voted against Roe, but he also thought Roe was decided in the 1980s! Shouldn't a president have some clue Roe was decided? I sure think so.

It's also relatively well-known in New Mexico that Richardson's history with women makes Bill Clinton look like a puritan. He also claimed to have played minor league baseball when he never did. These are the kinds of things that Republicans jump all over and make him a weaker candidate. And anyway, why would you lie about something like playing minor league baseball.

I am very, very skeptical of a Richardson campaign and I hope his support continues to slip. However, I do think he would be an excellent choice for Secretary of State.