Monday, May 21, 2007

An Unfortunate End To a Very Nice Day

So, my abilities to post over the last few days and, likely, the next few, have been caused by the theft of my glasses and, difficult as it is to see the moniter, it is a slow chore.

This past Saturday, I went to a show in a parking lot which separates two bars of generally mixed crowds. With all the surrounding walls, I think that the acoustics work right and it's a nice place to see a show. It was a rock show this time (I'd seen a country show there previously, when it was much, much colder) but, even though it was a beautiful day, very few came. Anyway, me and a couple friends of mine, we'll call them C and J, stayed at the bar and had a few more drinks. As we were leaving, a group of apparent frat guys had just been kicked out of the bar. We left right behind them which, I suppose, was our first mistake. In any case, C (who happens to cook at the bar) had walked a little ahead of us and was loudly accused of "following" them out. This was patently false, but they were clearly convinced of it and pushed him down...very hard and sending him to the road. There was some yelling and then we tried to diffuse the situation but, unfortunately, they would have nothing short of beating C, who I could never see hitting anybody. J nor I could stand by to watch our friend get beaten and so, failing all other attempts, after another very hard push on C, we both stepped in. As a result, J is pretty cut up from a suckerpunch to the side of the face and a fall. I am badly bruised from a big straight punch to the eye with a hematoma and some attractive road rash down the right side of my face. C came out unharmed, which was the point. Three cowardly things happened there. First, after they threw their suckerpunches they ran and drove away. Second, my glasses fell to my side after the punch and, whether they were broken or not I never found out, because I have every reason to believe they picked them up while I was on the ground. Third, and worst, one of the guys pulled his girlfriend into the fray to use her as a shield. Truly Shameful.

Anyway, two days later and my face looks worse (although it's better) and I go to the eye doctor to make sure it's ok and to get new glasses, which I was due to get anyway. This doctor, despite the fact that all my signs were normal, my motor skills are sharp, and I am in minimal pain, he was worried about it enough to make me, before he would do anything about the new glasses, go to the ER and get a CT scan. Unneccessary, if you ask me, but I understand. It was my first scan, and my first visit to ER in many years, and it was all a very nice experience, given the circumstances. Unfortunately, the eye doctor cannot see me until wednesday, so I'll be in my (perscription) sunglasses for the next two days, which will at least help me from scaring the neighborhood children. It works, but it's pretty hard to see indoors, and typing gives me a headache.