Monday, October 06, 2008

Shorter George Will--"I Don't Want Poor People Voting"

George Will cries in Newsweek that early voting sucks.

The second problem with early voting is that one of its supposed benefits is actually a subtraction from civic health. The benefit is that it makes voting easier—indeed, essentially effortless. But surely the quality of the electoral turnout declines when the quantity is increased by "convenience voting."

A word describes most of the people who will vote only if a ballot is shoved through their mail slot: "slothful." What kind of people will not bestir themselves to exercise their franchise if doing so requires them to get off their couches and visit neighborhood polling places? People who are barely interested, and hence probably are barely informed.


Poor George Will. Early voting means that the nation is more democratic. It means that poor people, who can't take time off from work to vote, who have 5 kids that need taken care of, who don't have transportation, who are too sick to leave their house, and who for a variety of reasons can't go to a polling station will actually get to cast their ballot. This means more votes for Democrats.

This is why Republicans freak out over supposed fradulent voting, push for voter ID, hate same-day registration, and now are depressed over the rise of mail-in voting. They are trying to suppress democracy so their plutocratic party can remain in power.