Saturday, July 25, 2009

Foreign Women and Male Domination

Lisa has a really interesting post on the marketing of Asian women to white men because of their supposed submissiveness.

I first became aware of this in 1996 when I spent a year teaching English in South Korea. I had a middle-aged Australian roommate who I am sure was a virgin. He combined the lovely characteristics of hating women combined with Victorian beliefs about courtship to make himself perennially sexless. He came to Korea in part because he hoped to finally meet someone, which of course didn't happen. He then turned to mail-order catalogs of Russian women. I'm not sure how that turned out. Another guy I knew was an ex-G.I. who married a Korean woman. He extolled the virtues--submissiveness, knowing how to take care of a man, sex when you want it instead of only when she wants it, etc. It was kind of nauseating.

So I've been interested to see the growth of mail-order brides ever since. Many of the men who purchase these women treat them horribly. They often hate American women, resent feminism, and not surprisingly, treat their new wives as objects. Domestic violence is a pandemic in these relationships.

About Asian women, supposedly the most subservient, Lisa writes:

The idea, specifically, that Asian women are more passive and deferential than white women, has been used to explain white men’s fetish for Asian women, Western men’s sex tourism in Asian countries, and Western men’s use of Asian mail-order bride services. Some of these men, it is argued, want a subordinate partner and they find it difficult to meet a white/American woman who is willing to play that role. You can actually hear a male sex tourist make this argument in this post.

She doesn't really seem to buy this argument, but I mostly do. This is what these men want. But the real point of her post is to link to this absurd website, explaining the "condition" leading women to hate men. Warning: This is really reprehensible stuff. But it's worth flipping through if you are interested in the levels of woman hating among certain segments of the male population.