Sunday, July 05, 2009

Honduran Coup Leaders Racist Toward Obama

Dear Leaders of Honduran Coup,

No one in the world respects you, so why not just dig a deeper hole for
yourselves. However, having Enrique Ortez, one of your leaders and the government´s foreign minister, say about President Barack Obama, as reported on Central American television, ¨the nigger doesn´t know where Tegucigulpa is.¨ (el negrito, no conoce dónde queda Tegucigalpa) is probably not a good way to make friends with the world´s most powerful nation. I know that racism runs deep in Latin American societies, but perhaps you should show Obama some respect.

On behalf of my president, fuck you.


Erik Loomis

Note 1 --I understand that the term ¨el negrito¨ is complicated. But it´s quite clear that Ortez used it in the most condescending way possible.

Note 2--this isn´t even the first time Ortez has used racist terms toward Obama!