Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Idiocy of Ayn Rand Combined with the Vapidity of TV? Oh, Joy....

The good news: we may be spared a film adaptation of Atlas Shurgged.

The bad news: it may end up being a mini-series instead, so that we could enjoy all of the nuances of such subtlties like speeches that never end and the occasional rape without being limited by the 3-hour movie time.

Hopefully this is just talk, and somebody takes Charlize Theron aside and explains the manifold ways why this is a bad idea, from philosophical to practical. If the mini-series does ever see the light of day, though......well, hopefully, the television will reveal to many just how stupid Rand's words are when they actually spoken aloud, rather than eliminating that 1000-page obstacle that kept an insufferable book out of the hands of so many unthinking-and-easily-swayed people and leading to a new army of idiots walking around asking "who is John Galt?" and sincerely insisting that government is bad.

I don't really watch TV now, but if this thing ever sees the light of day, it will be a guarantee that I don't watch TV ever again.