Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Barbour Conspiracy

I have this theory. Some obscure Republican who wants to be president is undermining every other potential candidate for 2012.

Just since January, we´ve seen the following.

Bobby Jindal´s singsong State of the Union response (not fatal, but definitely damaging, especially combined with his claims to exorcisms. His star has faded considerably).

Jon Huntsman´s acceptance of the ambassadorship to China.

John Ensign´s affair (not that he was a major candidate but he thought he was)

Mark Sanford´s implosion.

Sarah Palin´s resignation.

Someone must be behind this. What´s next? Will Romney´s hair catch on fire? Will Huckabee regain all his lost weight and die of a heart attack?

Who could be behind all this? Perhaps Mr. Charisma, Tim Pawlenty. I´m betting on Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour though. It all makes sense. If everyone else is out, it has to be Barbour!

Update--I totally forgot about Barbour´s latest strike. Recent rumors have Florida Governor Charlie Crist possibly moving to the Democrats. This is because he isn´t going to win the primary for Senate, and he´s not a realistic presidential candidate in 2012, but his name has been mentioned. If Barbour is taking out all possible contenders, he´s not going to leave Crist untouched!!!