Sunday, July 05, 2009

Jim DeMint--Irresponsible Even for a Republican Senator!

DeMint comes out for the Honduran coup.

“I am hopeful that as President Obama grows in office, he will eventually turn
away from despots like Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Castro, and Zelaya, and give the
United States’ full-throated support to the people of any country who are
fighting for the same values we cherish and defend in America,” the South
Carolina lawmaker said. “President Obama’s call for the reinstatement of Zelaya
is a slap in the face to the people of Honduras…The rule of law is working in
Honduras. President Obama should not undermine the democratic institutions that
guarantee freedom by forcing an illegitimate President back into power.”

Wishing it was 1982 and the US could explore some covert ops I see.