Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Howard Dean

So I was a Deanie back in '04. I liked his views on health care and of course, his opposition to the war in Iraq. I wrote letters, post-election, to DNC members asking them to support him as DNC chair, and I cheered when he got in--and as a former resident of two southern states, I applauded the 50-state strategy. I see Obama's victory as a clear vindication of what Dean started, and I'm ridiculously bitter that an apparent beef with Rahm Emanuel has kept Dean out of the administration posts he'd be perfect for--Health and Human Services, Surgeon General.

But right now, I'm cheering Dean for a different reason: his guest spot hosting Countdown while Keith Olbermann is off doing Keith Olbermann things. In his first show, last night, Dean took on pretty much every argument against a public option in health care reform, and dismantled them pretty damn thoroughly. Also, he's funny in a less annoying way than Olbermann is.

Check it out: