Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's time for this clown to go away

Is it the early 90's still? I can't believe we still have to talk about Marion Barry; that this drug-addled tax cheat still has a political office is astounding. But hey, the stalking charges were dropped...

Barry has been in the news for being the lone Washington, D.C. city council member to vote against a measure that would recognize same-sex marriages conferred in other states in D.C. Now, he's claiming a "vendetta" against him because of his vote from openly-gay councilman David Catania. The investigation centers around "allegedly awarding his then-girlfriend a monthly $5,000 city contract and allocating nearly $1 million in tax dollars to social service organizations run by members of his staff.".

A memo to Marion Barry: This investigation likely stems not from your idiotic dissent vote in the same-sex marriage law, but rather, that you are a corrupt, life-long political hack and convicted felon who has no real political accomplishments of note. In a fair and just world, you would lose the next election in a landslide.