Monday, October 16, 2006

The ACC: A Weak Division, Weaker Authority

Everybody knows about the Florida International-Miami fiasco, but, as many are commenting, the one-game suspensions are so offensive it's amazing. Way to show backbone. Some say it's "just", but they're all full-of-shit Miami teams. This team stopped being respectable the day Jimmy Johnson started coaching (sure, they won titles, but the "excessive celebration" penalty was single-handedly thanks to Miami). People try to reflect blame away from the players, saying it's an isolated incident, but I don't think it is. If the players weren't given a free-for-all reign at "Tha U" for so many years, incidences like this would probably not happen. (Anybody remember the rap song from the Sixth Floor Crew last year? I'm not saying it led directly to this on-field incident, but obviously, nobody has control over these kids at any level).

And now, not only does Larry Coker do nothing, not only does the University of Miami do nothing, but the ACC does nothing. ACC commissioner John Swofford hands down a "punishment" that is so light, it will discourage nothing, and may give these young boys (men don't try to kill other people with helmets while playing a game) a greater sense of invincibililty. What if somebody gets killed? A three-game suspension?

So here's to you, John Swofford. The ACC is weak, but you are an absolutely spineless piece of filth.