Sunday, October 29, 2006

NCAA Top 25, Week 10

USC finally lost. It's about time. Me thinks there are 2 more losses left in them, since they still have Cal, Oregon, Notre Dame, and UCLA.

1. Ohio St.

2. West Virginia--That WVU-Louisville game is going to be huge.

3. Michigan

4. Louisville--If Louisville beats WVU and wins out, they have to be in the national championship game over a 1 loss Texas team.

5. Texas

6. Tennessee

7. California

8. Florida

9. Auburn

10. USC--Actually, I don't think they are the 10th best team in the country, but until they lose again, I have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

11. Notre Dame

12. Boise St.

13. LSU

14. Arkansas--Probably ranked too low but I don't feel like jumping them over LSU or Boise.

15. Oklahoma--Big time win over Missouri. Give this team credit--they have a lot of guts.

16. Boston College

17. Clemson--Nice choke job against Va Tech.

18. Rutgers

19. Texas A&M

20. Georgia Tech

21. Wisconsin

22. Oregon

23. Wake Forest

24. Tulsa--You can't stop the mighty Golden Hurricanes!

25. Virginia Tech--a strange team. Will they keep moving up or lose again and drop out of sight? Who knows.

Close--Washington St. (didn't think I'd be saying that this year), Missouri, Nebraska, BYU, Maryland