Saturday, October 14, 2006

Republicans Are Just So Damn Good at Selective Historical Memory

Dave's new gig at Lawyers, Guns, and Money brings up one of my all time favorite right-wing bloggers, Kim du Toit. Former winner of LGM's Worst Blogger Award, Du Toit is basically a proto-fascist. I just love this post where he makes fun of the Democrats for calling themselves the "Party of Jefferson." Now of course, the Democratic Party has very little in common with its antecedents in 1800.

But does Du Toit and his band of imbecile commentators not believe that Abraham Lincoln is rolling over in his grave over them calling themselves the "Party of Lincoln." Is Charles Sumner not rolling over in his when today's Republicans say they are the true party of civil rights? I mean, come on! You cannot be serious! If Democrats are stretching reasonable interpretations of the past by connecting themselves to Jefferson, Republicans are blowing them out of the stratosphere by connecting themselves to Abraham Lincoln.