Sunday, October 22, 2006

NCAA Top 25, Week 9

2 things make me not want to do a poll this week. First, the week was boring. Second, the only major upset involved my Ducks. Washington St.? Good God.

1. Ohio St.

2. West Virginia

3. Michigan

4. USC

5. Louisville

6. Texas--I was really rooting for Nebraska against them because the last thing I want to see is an Ohio St.-Texas rematch. Maybe they'll fall in a Big 12 Championship rematch.

7. Tennessee

8. California

9. Florida

10. Auburn

11. Clemson--Very impressive team and a great win.

12. Notre Dame--Again, how lucky can you be? This team should have lost to both Michigan St. and UCLA. Now they're almost certain to waste our time in a BCS bowl where, just like last year, they will be hammered by a real team.

13. Boise St.

14. LSU

15. Arkansas

16. Oklahoma

17. Boston College

18. Rutgers. They keep rising and they deserve to after beating Pitt.

19. Texas A&M

20. Missouri

21. Georgia Tech

22. Wisconsin

23. Nebraska

24. Oregon

25. Wake Forest

Close--Tulsa, BYU, Georgia, Iowa, South Carolina