Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Let the 8-Month Yawn Begin...

Well, this is it...tonight, the NBA kicks off its season.

I find basketball the most boring of all sports, particularly the NBA (and I'm not including golf or Nascar in this - I'm talking about SPORTS). Throughout the regular season, you are bombarded with games that, if you are lucky, are interesting for the last two minutes, as two teams duke it out to win the rare close game. Even then, the last 2 minutes of a game find a way to take up to 25 minutes (I'm not kidding on this - I've timed it before - it can, but doesn't always, take that long between the timeouts, the TV timeouts, the foul-shots, etc.). You often aren't lucky, and are subjected to a 3 hour bore as one team proceeds to completely dismantle the other, with the game never even being close after the opening tipoff.

Now, I'm not willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are some decent, exciting events (watching Lebron James play, Kobe's 81-point game, etc.). And certainly, I root on my home-region Cleveland Cavaliers and hometown hero Lebron James (after Michael Jordan broke my heart in the early 1990s with that shot over Craig Ehlo, I never fully recovered until the Cavs got Lebron). So naturally, I will follow the results of the Cavs with interest, hoping they go far this year (if not all the way, though I'm realistic). But you couldn't pay me to just sit at a TV and just catch a random game of basketball the way I could for baseball, football, and even hockey (which is extremely underrated).

Some claim baseball is "boring" and lasts too long at it's six months, but at least it gets as many games as possible out of those six months, and keeps the playoffs to one month. 82 games spread over 6 months, with another two and a half month playoff series? Please.

This is why God gave us spring training and hockey (GO SABRES!).

Wake me up in April when the baseball season starts.